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Street Lights Type CD series

  • Utilizing Hans LEDlite's patented thermal management principles for optimal LEd performance
  • Available in 3000k CCT but can be supplied in netruel white ( 4700K CCT) and Cool White (6500K CCT).For other CCT's please do contact us.
  • Product lifetime (L70) is 40000 hours with no maintenance
  • Instant start,works with no flickering and no humming.No hazardous material
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor application like street lamps and industrial lamps
  • IES type lll photometry with semi cut-off patternfor wider light distribution

Download Detailed Specification



Part numberFrameSize(mm)Input powerLight outputEquivalent lampWeight

HJ – SL – 80CD

Aluminum Extrusion

90 X 240 X 430

80 Watts

7000 Lumens

180 watt HPS


HJ – SL – 125CD

Aluminum Extrusion

90 X 240X 470

125 Watts

10500 Lumens

250 watt HPS


HJ – SL – 185 CD

Aluminum Extrusion

90 X 240X 610

185 Watts

12800 Lumens

350 watt Hps
















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