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Down Light Series

  • Utilising Hans LEDlite's patented thermal managment principal for optimal LED performance
  • Available in:3000 CCT (warm white),4700 CCT(neutral white), 6500 CCT(cool white).For other CCT's please do contact us.
  • Product LED lifetime (L70) is 40,000 hours with no maintenance
  • Instant starts,works with no flickering and no humming. No hazardous material
  • Suitable for offices,shops,residential,hotel and industrial


Download Detailed Specification

Part numberFrameSize(mm)Input powerLight output Equivalent lampWeight

HJ – DL – 007O – 4” – WW 

Plastic molded casing120mm hole cut-out7 watts380 lumensClose to 40 Watt Incandescent 350 grams

HJ – DL – 018L – 6” – WW 

Plastic molded casing150mm hole cut-out18 watts930 lumensClose to 75 watt incandescent350 grams

HJ – DL – 007 – 4” – CW 

Plastic molded casing120mm hole cut-out7 watts400 lumensClose to 40 Watt Incandescent350 grams
HJ – DL – 0018L – 6” – CW Plastic molded casing150mm hole cut-out18 watts980 lumensClose to 75 watt incandescent350 grams
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